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  • What do I need to know before enrolling?

    For the classes with LIVE Zoom session(s), a device (computer, tablet, phone) with video and audio capabilities and high-speed internet, a basic understanding on how Zoom app, Facebook private group, and this virtual platform work, and for lampworking courses – check the skill level requirement for the class and comfortable working on a propane/oxygen mix torch.

  • What is included in the for-purchase workshop?

    For the classes with LIVE Zoom session(s), access to pre-teach lessons (everything except the main demo video content – we will be watching the videos together during our LIVE Zoom Class), live class with real-time teaching and interactive discussion, two weeks post-live-class instructor support, three months access to the full course, and downloadable PDF handouts. For the standalone, on-demand classes, all the lessons are available upon purchase. Watch at your own pace during the two-year access.

  • Are there anything I need to do before the classes with LIVE Zoom session

    Return initialed and signed Liability Waiver (first time student only), fill out questionnaire (if needed), purchase class kit (optional), and review pre-teach lessons/videos.

  • Will students be working during live session?

    For classes with LIVE Zoom session(s), students practice on their own after the LIVE Zoom portion of the class and share their work for help/critique during the two-week post-class instructor support. For standalone, on-demand classes, there is no live zoom session.

The enVision approach

Created with students' success in mind

Hayley was brilliant!

Christiana, Cornwell, UK

Hayley Tsang Sather clearly put enormous thought, care and preparation into how best to help us see, understand, and ensure success. She is obviously a total master of her craft, but she is also keen and generous in sharing her knowledge and helpful tips. I thoroughly enjoyed the time with her and can’t wait to get melting! I can't thank her enough!

Five Stars!

Sarah, Florida, USA

Hayley Tsang Sather taught us the fundamentals of how to read the glass and reduce/strike in a way that enable us to work with any silver glass. This virtual format is ideal for we have the best seat in the class, able to re-watch the videos repeatedly, and learn how to adjust the flame chemistry using our own specific torch. Hayley reviewed each of our equipment so we would get the most from our set up and it did make a nice difference in my flame. If you want to learn about working with silver glass, I highly recommend taking Explore the Magic of Silver Glass.

Much More Than Silver Glass

Alice, Florida, USA

Whether you are interested in an introduction to silver glass or expanding your understanding of this beautiful material, you really must take a class with Hayley Tsang Sather. She generously shares her vast knowledge of both the technical and artistic aspects of silver glass. I have learned so much more than just how to work successfully with this glorious glass. Hayley helped me be more mindful and precise in my lampwork which has elevated my artistic talents. She truly is the "Silver Glass Whisperer!" You will not be disappointed.

Met all my expectations and then some!

Cathy, Texas, USA

Hayley Tsang Sather is a very gifted teacher who knows silver glass like no one else. Her dedication to excellence and her attention to detail are phenomenal. I learned so much about how to understand silver glass and look for specific indicators to get consistent results. I learned to make some beautiful beads and also learned excellent tips for shaping glass. I now have the knowledge to really experiment with silver glass in an intelligent manner rather than haphazardly heating it up and hoping for the best.

You rocked it!

Melissa, Louisiana, USA

Had a lot of fun! Sorry we can't do this in person, but honestly, you have really outdone yourself in the preparation for this medium and, as per usual, you rocked it, girl! Only wish we could have dinner and a glass of wine, then it would have been perfect. Thanks for all the effort, I really enjoyed it!

Hayley’s class has given me the knowledge I needed to reach for my silver glass with confidence.

Kari, Ontario, Canada

The written information, the videos, and the opportunity to discuss and ask questions all contributed to the thoroughness of this class. The amount of work and preparation that went into Explore the Magic of Silver Glass is so impressive and I can’t thank Hayley Tsang Sather enough!